Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Geolocation Applications for Restaurants and Bars

Even if you currently use Facebook and Twitter, social media technologies are evolving every day. Have you heard your guest say they “checked-in” to your venue? Chances are many of your guests have checked in a number of times and left tips for other visitors using geolocation apps.

The following will help you understand “geolocation apps” and what 5 steps you can take to engage guests, increase business and beat the competition.

Introduction to Geolocation Apps

Geolocation apps allow people to find places to eat, drink, track and communicate with friends and seek special offers or rewards. Essentially they download any number of geolocation apps to their smartphone. The app uses the phone’s GPS coordinates to find what’s nearby.

They now have the ability to “check-in” to that given location, find what specials or deals are offered, read helpful tips from people, and accumulate points/badges. They can also check surrounding competitors and decide which location has the “best deal.”

As a business owner you can use this free technology to boost your business, but first you must “claim your venue.”

5 Steps to Claiming Your Venue (Let’s use our favorite: Foursquare)

Go to Foursquare for Business 

Click on Venue Owner 

Click on Search & Claim Your Venue 

You can attract new customers or reward your most loyal ones by offering specials which are presented to users when they check in. 

By claiming your venue, you will gain access to the business dashboard where you can manage statistics on recent visitors 

Example Promotions:

First time here? Take 25% off any item in the store. 

Free soft drink with meal for each guest that checks in. 

Every 3rd check in gets you a free appetizer with purchase of entrée.

Come with 4 friends and unlock a round of buffalo wings or cheese fries. 

First 10 people here for dinner get a free side dish or dessert with purchase of entrée. 

The mayor get's an item on the menu named after him/her if they remain mayor for a full month.

Geolocation apps like foursquare provide a free set of tools to help you attract new customer and keep your best ones coming back. Best of all it's free, so what are you waiting for!?

Future of Geo Location Apps & Geo Fencing

AT&T and Loopt have recently announced a function that allows the companies to push you a text message if you are near a venue with a deal. Imagine, being within 25 feet from a restaurant and you get a text “Since you are so close stop in for a free appetizer with purchase of entrée.”

Are you currently using geolocation apps? Tell us what you have done and the pros and cons. This was written by Dronkers Solutions, like us on Facebook!

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